WEB3nauts is a PFP collection by GiveawayNFT

Houston……WEB3 is gonna have a problem! 



ONCE WE LIFT OFF WE ARE GOING TO 69 ETH or 0! One way or the other!

Are you ready ?

Free mint starts on May 31st on 9AM GMT +2.

The first 24 hours are only for OG members from the GiveawayNFT discord (JOIN NOW STILL SPOTS LEFT “FCFS”).

After that another 24 hours FREE MINT will start for everyone! The limit is 1 NFT per wallet during the free mint stages.

After the 48 hours free mint, public mint starts if needed at 0.005 each with no wallet limit.

More details about the schedule on our mint page.

WEN mint ?

Date: 31 May 2023

Opensea ready ?

Yes page is up and running!

Contact ready ?

Yes it is!

Launch Party ?

Join the Twitter Space on mint day!


We are still building the team. But the core team stands with founder of GiveawayNFT and 


Chris Koekenberg

Founder & Artist



Advisor & Founder Fridoos



Social Media Manager

Frequently asked questions

FAQ used to refer to a list of answers to typical questions that you might want to know!

What is an NFT?

At the most basic level, a non-fungible token is a one-of-a-kind, verifiable digital asset that can be exchanged between a creator and a buyer.

What Blockchain ?


What is the collection size?


How many 1/1's will there be?

There will be multiple rare combinations. But there will be 3 ULTRA rare combo's in the entire collection. 

Mint price ?

FREE for the first 48 hours with 1 limit per wallet. After that it's 0.005 with no wallet limit.

The first 24 hours is for GiveawayNFT discord OG members only. Make sure to join now FCFS and signup for the role!

Mint date ?

Mint starts May 31st. For more information and time visit the mint page!

Is there a second collection coming ?

Our roadmap is simple just like GiveawayNFT. But our goal is to give back and invest everything to bring value to our holders. Nobody probably reads FAQs so here is some alpha for the people that do! We are in talks with famous 3D artists to work on a second collection but we consider this the OG collection obviously. But if a second collection becomes a reality with the success of this collection it will be completely free to our holders and GiveawayNFT Genesis Pass holders. But again it all comes down to the success of WEB3nauts and GiveawayNFT Genesis Pass to make that a reality!